How To Manage Your Marketing In 2015

Published: 03 Jul 2015 06:00 AM By

As a marketing manager or, even as just a marketing assistant, you have a responsibility to effectively market your company and we know that marketing includes a lot of avenues which cannot be neglected.

Whether you're in charge of a budget, or a set area of marketing, you want to do the best you can to ultimately improve the company, but also help yourself, whether that is in terms of promotion, pay rise or another benefit your company is offering. 

To reach those goals, we've got some ideas, which you can put in practice whatever your position in your company's marketing department... 

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Thrive’s ‘How To’ Guide for a Successful Blogging Strategy

Published: 26 Jun 2015 10:00 AM By

The changes in the marketing landscape mean that marketeers can no longer rely on ‘time served’ or accreditations and qualifications to establish our credentials. Yes, experience is a benefit for many reasons, but it is not a testament to knowledge or best practice capability.

The industry is evolving and innovating far too quickly for that. Neither is the size of your budget the impactful element that it used to be.

Today, it’s all about being current, knowing what options are out there (and they change almost daily) and how to best harness them – often at little financial cost – it’s all about the size of your brain – how creative are you and can you adapt to our shifting communications environment?

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Wimbledon Special: How Andy Murray Wins At Twitter

Published: 22 Jun 2015 08:00 AM By

It's that time of year again! We've got the strawberries and cream and Andy Murray has got his 2nd Wimbledon win in the bag (we hope). However, what we have noticed that he is a winner at is Twitter! Here is a rundown of why he is one of our favourite tweeting sportsmen! 

Sometimes celebrities use Twitter purely for self promotion, financial gain or to make a point ('I've lost weight', 'I'm fine since the split', blah blah blah...).  We've chosen Andy Murray as a great example of a celeb doing it right, because you won't find belfies, Twitter wars or any other of those typical showbiz antics...

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Blogging: Is It Really Worthwhile Or Just A Waste Of Time?

Published: 19 Jun 2015 09:00 AM By

As you have already realised by now, we are blatantly bonkers about blogging! We simply love blogs and believe that in these days of post-Google algorithmic change, they most certainly add value to your business. In our opinion, it most certainly is worth the slog to blog!

But, as with all things these days, you need to be certain. Historically, we marketers had a tough challenge proving that our efforts did add value and were of benefit – it was all so speculative and intangible (but hey, I have been doing this for a long time and we are talking about measuring ROI in the dim and distant past before we even had t’interweb!).

Now, with all of the digital technology we use and the great online systems we have to assist us with our efforts, we can do analysis and here at Thrive, we think that’s a great thing – by analysing your efforts you can make measured, informed decisions – you can see what’s working (and do more) and what’s not (and ditch it!).

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How To Explain Social Media To Your Dad

Published: 15 Jun 2015 08:30 AM By

For Father's Day we wanted to recognise all of the Dads out there with a blog designed to make social media that little less confusing to fathers everywhere.

Most of our Dads don't quite understand how to turn computers on - you're lucky if yours does - but social media is a very confusing arena for them.

If your role involves social media or your Auntie has just uploaded Uncle Jeff's 60th birthday photos to Facebook and you want Dad to understand how that happened, this is the blog for you...

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Buzzwords, De-Buzzed: 7 Marketing Terms and What They Really Mean

Published: 12 Jun 2015 10:00 AM By

Buzzwords are words we're all probably familiar with. However, for those of you who aren't so clued up, a buzzword is a word or phrase - usually jargon - that's popular due to current events or in a particular context.

For those of you who don't really understand these ever-changing terms - does anyone?! - they can seem very complex and difficult to understand. It's this confusion that often makes a product or service more appealing - if something sounds complex, it must be great - right? 

Not always...

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A Winning Combination: Automation, Permission and Real Time Marketing

Published: 08 Jun 2015 09:00 AM By

There has been lots of articles, blogs and eBooks written on the importance of marketing automation for modern marketing. Equally, there has been lots of the exact same on the importance of real time marketing. The question is, which is really more important and also, to throw another ingredient into the mix, what is permission marketing? Read on for more information...

Permission marketing: An approach to selling / offering goods and services in which a prospect explicitly agrees in advance to receive marketing information (by providing their contact details).

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Ask Me Anything: 10 Answers to Your Boss' Questions About Blogging

Published: 05 Jun 2015 06:30 AM By

I know, I know, I know, blogging is difficult, blogging is time consuming. Blogging is... well, a bit of a nightmare, which is why most people know why they should blog, but still put it off because of X, Y, Z. This blog answers your common questions and queries about blogging, so those excuses (X, Y and Z) can be used no more!

Got more queries, questions or worries about blogging? Put them to us at @ThriveHQ NOW!

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Cover Photos: A Simple Definition

Published: 01 Jun 2015 08:30 AM By

In the beginning it was only Facebook, later Twitter joined in followed by LinkedIn... Any clues for what I am talking about? Yes, it is cover photos!

Cover photos first arrived on the social media platform Facebook in 2012, becoming instantly popular with users. Twitter decided to act fast and launched their cover photo months after Facebook, but LinkedIn waited a little longer an launched their cover photo last year. 

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