International Women's Day: A History & Our Role Models

Published: 02 Mar 2015 10:00 AM By

As International Women's Day rolls around on March 8, we've chatted with local businesswomen and amongst our team to decide who are the biggest female influences in our lives.

Including nominations from the lovely Clare from Lostbox and our Thrive ladies, it's fascinating to see the diverse inspiration us ladies get from other women.

Without a doubt, this is the biggest shout for girl power, you've heard in a while...!

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Using Buyer Personas to Perfect Event Marketing in 2015

Published: 23 Feb 2015 09:30 AM By

A key part of event marketing is ensuring that you have worthwhile pairs of ears in the audience. Of course, you can't stop people coming to your event if you don't think they're good enough, but you can target your promotional messaging to ensure that the right kind of people find out about your event.

Buyer personas already better target content marketing for blogs, promotional content and your overall marketing strategy, however they can be used to take it a step further.

If you amend your buyer personas to become event-specific personas you can avoid inviting people who fall outside of your target customer base. Don't waste money and resource on extra marketing and event costs because there are individuals wasting your time by attending. Those who aren't interested in your products or services are even less likely to attend full stop, despite registering their interest. Ultimately, wasting places that may be valuable to you.

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8 Tips to Make Visuals and Images Work on Social Media

Published: 20 Feb 2015 07:00 AM By

Let your creative juices FLOW! It's time to rejuvenate that lacklustre social media strategy and inject some VISUALS! Yes, really, we're talking to YOU! 

Of course, you might not even have fully adopted social media marketing yet - in which case, read here. However, whether you're just starting out, a fully fledged social media advocate or somewhere in the middle - visuals are key.

It might feel impossible - and soooooooooo much more time-consuming and inconvenient - but the results are proven...!

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Social Media: Special Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook Features You're Missing Out On

Published: 16 Feb 2015 08:30 AM By

Social media platforms are forever revamping their set up for something a little more "you" (or so they think). However, there have been some great implementations, updates and add-ons in recent years that might not have caught your attention, but you'll love... 

Read this blog post for all of the coolest of recent updates for Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and tweet us or comment with which ones are your favourites...

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6 Marketing and Business Lessons We Can Learn From The Nominees Of The 87th Annual Academy Awards

Published: 10 Feb 2015 01:30 PM By

It’s back! Oscars buzz is stirring once again and like last year, we’re delving into the backgrounds of some of the biggest movies, stars and soundtracks to find out how each one has a bigger chance of winning and how their achievements and developments link to marketing in 2015.

This year, we’re focusing on American Sniper, Gone Girl, Foxcatcher, Boyhood and The Lego Movie.

Without a doubt there are a lot of close contenders at the 87th Annual Academy Awards, screened on February 22nd in Los Angeles, but we can also take a lot of advice from some of the worthy nominees

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4 Marketing Campaigns To Fall In Love With This Valentine's Day

Published: 09 Feb 2015 09:00 AM By

Without a doubt the shops are filled with hearts, romantic gestures are being uploaded to Facebook and all the singletons are claiming that they don't care. However, even the coldest of hearts couldn't be warmed by these clever marketing campaigns.

As Valentine's Day is just around the corner, we thought we would take a look at previous Valentine's Day-related Marketing Campaigns. So, here are four we loved...

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Social Media Guide: Common 2015 Twitter Queries Sorted In Less Than 140 Characters!

Published: 02 Feb 2015 06:30 AM By

Why make things difficult when starting out or adapting your social media marketing strategies? Improve upon your current Twitter Marketing with these solutions to common Twittersphere queries occurring in 2015...

Twitter has developed year-on-year, so we thought we'd give your knowledge of the platform a little refresh with these common questions (and their solutions) focusing on Twitter.

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