Infographic: Social Media Advert Dimensions For 2016

Published: 27 May 2016 09:30 AM By

Social media account management can be incredibly time consuming. It is made more so, by all of the extras and add-ons that you must consider. Not least your profile design.

At Thrive we aim to provide a social media support package to all of our communications clients that includes our graphic design services, ensuring they have the best brand awareness possible on Facebook, Twitter, Insta... You get the idea! 

With that in mind, we wanted to share this amazing infographic with our regular readers, as well as a few of our must-read social media-based blogs!

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6 Businesses Doing a Great Job at Email Design

Published: 23 May 2016 10:00 AM By

Now that more businesses are embracing email marketing and the benefits it can bring it's time to rethink that generic email template and develop a unique design to ensure your emails are memorable and stand out from the overflowing inbox. 

To help inspire you to create an innovate new look for your emails here are six businesses that are already creating visually appealing email designs.

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Is It Time To Find A New Marketing Agency?

Published: 20 May 2016 08:00 AM By

As much as it is a topic we don't like to think about, there are times when a customer chooses to move on to another agency or comes to us enquiring about ending their partnership with a current agency.

The topic is something that can be difficult to broach, given that most of us like to create solid bonds in our client/agency partnership.

We understand that there are reasons beyond our power as an agency for the ending of a partnership, it's part of the process!

Let us help you understand why it might be time for you to break away from your current agency or repair that faltering partnership by having an honest talk with them - they will probably appreciate it, before the relationship breaks down completely! 

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Turn Good Email Copy Into Great Email Copy

Published: 16 May 2016 09:00 AM By

For those businesses who have been using email marketing for a while now will notice that thinking of new, engaging and relevant content can become a daunting task.

So if you are ready to turn your good email copy into great content use the helpful tips below to create compelling emails that will get you higher open and click through rates.

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Why SMART Goals Should Be Applied To Email Marketing

Published: 13 May 2016 10:30 AM By

SMART goals help us to smarten up our approach to targets, goals and KPIs, which is why we recommend using this goal setting framework for email campaigns.

They are often used by organisations in regards to productivity and management to break down more "difficult to achieve" goals into easy-to-manage steps.

We want to help you create these personalised goals to ensure that you can better set yourself up for accomplishing them.

Remember the SMART goals guidelines:

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What are Buyer Personas?

Published: 09 May 2016 10:00 AM By

If you're a regular reader of our blogs at Thrive you'll know that we talk a lot about buyer personas (we even offer workshops).

They are a key tool for inbound marketers to develop content and strategy, as they provide an insight into the mind of your ideal customer and, anti-customer, if you will. 

Buyer personas are made up of all the demographical, behavioural and educational information you need to form a realistic view of these two types:

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14 Tools and Browser Extensions to Install Today

Published: 06 May 2016 07:30 AM By

At Thrive we like to not only provide information and news from the marketing and design industries, but also helpful hacks for the everyday working of your business.

There are lots of tools and browser extensions that people have on their Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer window, but we need to make sure they're actually improving productivity.

Tools and software are only deemed effective when you can claim they are doing the following:

  • Improving productivity
  • Increasing efficiency - either decreasing workload or time on a particular task
  • Allowing you to be more creative (there are lots of great design tools out there)!

This list is a compilation of our favourite online tools and browser extensions to help improve your productivity levels, design or marketing skills.

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What are SMART Goals?

Published: 02 May 2016 09:30 AM By

Goal setting is crucial to ensuring the success of any marketing campaign, but you should also make sure those goals are SMART too. 

SMART goal setting is used by many organisations and industries to ensure that goals can be realistically met because they are: Specific; Measurable; Attainable; Realistic and Timebound.

A SMART goal is created by focusing on a wider goal, be that new customers, new visits or new leads. 

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The Truth about A/B Testing

Published: 29 Apr 2016 09:30 AM By

If your company has recently underwent a website redesign project you should have heard the phrase "A/B testing".

This commonly refers to the process of testing one element against another to see if one works better than the offer, whether it's more streamlined or generally more effective. 

A lot of websites can be A/B tested in varying ways, but commonly it relates to whether a certain piece of text, a call to action or a sign up form works better styled one way or another. 


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How Facebook's Algorithms Are Impacting Your Organic Post Reach

Published: 25 Apr 2016 08:30 AM By

Over the years businesses with Facebook pages have noticed a downturn in the number of people who will view and interact with their organic posts.


This is due to Facebook's constantly changing and improving algorithms. 

In 2016, the algorithm dictates Facebook's News Feed, to help you understand how it limits the amount of people that view your Business Page posts.

Here are some of the factors that the algorithm takes into account when choosing who sees what on their personal News Feed.

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