No Sales From Social Media? Here Are The Insightful Reasons Why You're Not Getting Sales

Published: 27 Jul 2015 06:00 AM By

We hear a lot of companies ask for social media to increase sales and we just want to clarify what you, as a business owner, marketing manager or even communications assistant, should realistically be expecting of adopting a social media strategy.

Sometimes, it's nice to just remind ourselves of what it is we can see from a certain marketing method and measure its value accurately, rather than against our own hopes.

For instance, there is no e-commerce social media site. Your Twitter profile visitors cannot click "buy" and spend money on your Twitter profile - so why do you think it is directly going to grow sales?

Let's look into the value of social media a little more...

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4 Reasons Why It's Never Too Much Of A Slog To Blog

Published: 24 Jul 2015 06:00 AM By

Business blogging is enjoying somewhat of a popularity boom in 2015, with so many outlets and recommending content marketing and online content as a key way of improving lead generation opportunities and conversion rates.

Although, it was once seen as something that was a "nice-to-have", the merits of blogging are finally shining through and lots of you are willing to see how much time and effort you can put into it, so you can enjoy the long term benefits only blogging can offer.

Now that you're on-trend and looking at blogging, take a look at these very nice statistics we've found for you (you'll soon realise you can't afford not to blog!):

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8 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Inbound Marketing

Published: 20 Jul 2015 06:00 AM By

Over recent years, inbound marketing has become a very popular concept for businesses across the pond and, now, right here in Blighty too. 

The question remains, however, "Why do I need inbound marketing?", despite the increased awareness and promotion of such services.

Inbound marketing is the process of attracting strangers to you, rather than outbound marketing which involves you interrupting them and, for want of a better term, forcing your company into their lives.

With the process involving a high amount of content marketing and automation, it is designed to make customers more responsive to your messaging and, in turn, more open to your products and services. 

Of course, there is also an obvious advantage in using automation, that you can set up workflows and scheduled blog content, email campaigns and social messaging, to appear engaging but easing your workload, with lots of planning and preparation.

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School's Out! How Educational Establishments Can Adopt Inbound Marketing

Published: 17 Jul 2015 06:30 AM By

"School's out for summer... School's out forever...!" is how Alice Cooper brilliantly summed it up - so, rejoice, you have some fantastic weeks ahead of holidays, resting and working on next term (yes, we know it isn't easy in the education sector).

With that in mind, we thought now would be a great time to explain inbound in an educational environment...

After all, education establishments, particularly colleges and universities, need to advertise and market themselves just as much as businesses and organisations in any other sector.

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4 Reasons To Make Time For Buyer Personas

Published: 13 Jul 2015 06:00 AM By

Do you think you know your customer? Of course you do. But how well do you know your customers? Do you know why they should buy your product? What specific reasons are there for them being your customer? How can you effectively target your marketing to meet the questions they have at the beginning of the buyer journey? 

A lot of business owners may think they are simply too busy to create or use buyer personas but customers are the most important part of your business, here are four of umpteen reasons why you should make the time to create and use buyer personas...

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How To Sell Social Media To Your Boss

Published: 08 Jul 2015 06:00 AM By

Back in the "good old days", social media marketing would NEVER have taken off, because the old-hand MDs and company founders enjoyed traditional marketing. That is, putting £Xk against a TV advert or billboard message and waiting for the business to roll in. Yes, that's how this stuff used to work!

Now, you have to persuade your boss that social media marketing (and other amazing, techy marketing methods) are worth the time, money and resource. Although, we'd hope your boss has evolved since the "good old days" and is open to new methods, we know they are probably still wary.

Companies have always been used to being shut off, even with their marketing, rather than out in the open, sharing their business successes and using virtually any method, other than perhaps a press release, to reveal information about themselves. 

With that in mind, we have come up with some legitimate arguments that will help you get sign off on your social media marketing efforts. 

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3 Simple Email Reporting Metrics Which Help To Nurture Leads

Published: 06 Jul 2015 06:30 AM By

When email campaigns are done in the right way they can be a very effective marketing tool for every business - no matter how big or small! Don't believe us? Well, 66% of consumers have made a purchase online as a result of an email marketing message!

Haven't got the grasp of email marketing yet? Read our blog, What Is 'Email Marketing' And How Do I Make It Work For Me? to start your email marketing journey and understand the absolute basics of producing, sending and analysing email campaigns. 

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How To Manage Your Marketing In 2015

Published: 03 Jul 2015 06:00 AM By

As a marketing manager or, even as just a marketing assistant, you have a responsibility to effectively market your company and we know that marketing includes a lot of avenues which cannot be neglected.

Whether you're in charge of a budget, or a set area of marketing, you want to do the best you can to ultimately improve the company, but also help yourself, whether that is in terms of promotion, pay rise or another benefit your company is offering. 

To reach those goals, we've got some ideas, which you can put in practice whatever your position in your company's marketing department... 

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Thrive’s ‘How To’ Guide for a Successful Blogging Strategy

Published: 26 Jun 2015 10:00 AM By

The changes in the marketing landscape mean that marketeers can no longer rely on ‘time served’ or accreditations and qualifications to establish our credentials. Yes, experience is a benefit for many reasons, but it is not a testament to knowledge or best practice capability.

The industry is evolving and innovating far too quickly for that. Neither is the size of your budget the impactful element that it used to be.

Today, it’s all about being current, knowing what options are out there (and they change almost daily) and how to best harness them – often at little financial cost – it’s all about the size of your brain – how creative are you and can you adapt to our shifting communications environment?

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